We guarantee the safety of your cargo through our long-term experience in the transportation industry and with relevant insurance. We also guarantee timely deliveries and we’ll adapt your transport to meet your expectations. Our dependable shippers approach every new shipping task entrusted to them with enthusiasm and consistency.


We are the alternative to your present logistics operator. Request a quote or try out our transport services. We’ll be happy to show you how the transport services you have considered as good in the past can be performed better and at less cost to you.

A good brand

We are a good brand; we are gaining increasingly greater recognition in the transport industry. We have been able to secure the trust of our customers in an amazingly short time. You can sleep peacefully when you entrust your shipping needs to our experienced Leo-Trans workforce.


Flexibility means transport services that are tailored to your needs. At Leo-Trans, our customers set the rules. Do you need to transport something really large? We’ll provide a low bed trailer. Do you want to deliver your cargo in the shortest possible time? We’ll provide a double staff of drivers or we’ll send a few small lorries dedicated for express shipments. Nothing is impossible. Try us out.