We operate all over Europe!

We serve both Polish and foreign companies. Our primary area of operation includes the countries lying on the western side of the Vistula river but, in fact, the whole of Europe is within our capabilities. We offer professional services in the field of transport and shipping as well as providing advice on logistics planning. When you decide to use Leo-Trans services, you choose a company that considers your satisfaction and contentment of prime importance. We won’t let you down.

Express Transport

Groupage transport plays an important role when the time of delivery is most important. If you need to make a quick exchange of goods, immediately complete an inventory to avoid a halt in production, or simply meet your customer expectations and deliver their order as soon as possible, this is the solution for you.
We execute orders for groupage transport by using our own fleet of vehicles with 1.5 ton capacity as well as the vehicles of our contractual subcontractors with capacities from 1.5 to 12 tonnes. These are new vehicles, most no older than three years, with a box and tarpaulin superstructure.

Full truck loads / Dimensional Transport

In Europe’s transport bloodstream, vehicles with a load capacity of 24 t and 13.6 lm (loading metres) are the most numerous and most important from the point of view of functional transport. Based on the vehicles of our trusted carriers, we transport goods both in international and cabotage traffic in almost all European countries.

If interested, please contact us by email.

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