[two_third last=”yes”]Every one of our fleet vehicles complies with the EURO 5 and EURO 6 exhaust emission standards, which means that they are new, safe vehicles in good working order. At Leo-Trans, this is as important as reliability. Our reliability ensures the satisfaction of our customers. Just as it will ensure yours.

The diversity of the Leo-Trans fleet means that we are able to customize the type of vehicle best suited to your needs. The dimensions of the load platforms of some of our lorries are shown below.

Our vehicle superstructures include curtains on both sides, a roof that opens, euro pallets for exchange, and a height that is adjusted for a 1.1-1.3 metre-high ramp.

A GPS navigation system allows you to track the location of your cargo in real time, ensuring effective management of the timing of supplies and loading as well as cargo safety.

Dimensions of our fleet:

Length Width Height
420 cm 210 cm 230 cm
500 cm 230 cm 255 cm
610 cm 230 cm 255 cm
770 cm 245 cm 260 cm
1360 cm 248 cm 300 cm